About Us

This Scoping Study will redefine Red Hawk’s Blacksmith Project to ‘right size’ the development for our Company with a focus on speed to market and lowering upfront capital, while leveraging off the considerable work already completed at the Blacksmith Project, including State and Federal approvals, native title agreements and over 200,000 metres of drilling.

Within the Blacksmith Project large global resource base, we are now looking at initially developing higher grade pits within the Delta and Paragon deposits which are expected to provide sufficient direct shipping ore to demonstrate the economics of a lower tonnage, higher grade development compared to previous alternatives considered for the Blacksmith Project.

Over the coming twelve months, the primary aim for Red Hawk is to progress the various technical and financial studies for Blacksmith to ensure the project is producing iron ore in 2025. We will do this in conjunction with the Traditional Owners on whose lands we work – sharing the benefits a close partnership can deliver.

red hawk’s Managing director and CEO, Steven Michael

Our goals

Accessing DSO grade ore with particular emphasis on low strip ratios and mining above the water table within the Delta and Paragon deposits

Minimising capital expenditure with contract mining, crushing and trucking, and utilising public roads and third-party ports

Assessing options to reduce Blacksmith’s carbon footprint through renewable energy and other initiatives

Proactive engagement with Traditional Owners to consider value-adding partnership opportunities


Significant exploration has been undertaken at Blacksmith since 2008 with over 200,000 metres of reverse circulation, diamond and sonic drilling completed. The drilling programmes have identified several iron ore deposits, including Ajax, Blackjack, Champion, Delta, Eagle, Paragon and Badger.